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Early Anti-aging brand cosmetic

vitamin essence

Moisturizing, moisture care as well as sunscreen

Changing lifestyle habits can help reduce skin wrinkles and give elasticity

Runslow Vitamin 17 pink bubble skin booster

Early Anti-aging cosmetic - Development background

runslow cosmetic.png

 “ Why does skin have wrinkle ? ”

✓Decreased elasticity due to aging, where the epidermal cells become thinner

✓Habits of jaws, bad lifestyles that lie down or frown

✓Skin damage caused by UV light, which has the greatest effect on skin aging

✓The less the female hormone estrogen is produced, the faster the skin ages.

✓Dry environment is a major factor in reducing skin regeneration

Brand story of Runslow

Runslow can stop time. However, my skin time can go a little slower. It is an early anti-aging beauty brand that helps this.

‘For now I don't care about it, my skin isn't bad yet ...’ If you thought like this, Even at the same age, we do not manage from now on.

Even if you can't stop the time from now on, RUNSLOW will keep your skin time.

runsolow cosmetics.jpg

Value of CossgMossg


- Introduces a unique and distinctive design of the Runslow.

- It has meaning in ‘a brand that helps the skin go slowly.’


- Early anti-aging brand for 20 · 30.

- We present solutions that can be easily cared accordingly.


- We strive to make safe ingredients and products with good effects.

- Produced in excellent cosmetics manufacturing facilities that is confident.


- We have abandoned the prejudice that it is an expensive product as anti-aging products.

- We made honest products at a practical and reasonable price.

Product info. of Runslow

1. RUNSLOW anti-aging moisture stick

‘Simple stick type’, apply on wrinkle parts and keep it moist, anti-care

runslow moisture stick.jpg
moisture sticks.jpg
antiaging stick.jpg

‘what should I do with these wrinkles..?’

Product info. of Anti-aging moisture stick

Water drop soothing balm type

✓A water drop soothing balm type that looks like a soothing gel with a formulation that feels cool while rolling.

✓Absorbs without stickiness to keep skin hydrated and moisturized

Whitening, wrinkle, double function

✓It helps to improve skin elasticity and wrinkles by nourishing the skin, and makes the skin bright.

Simply use, as a stick type

✓The portable stick type makes it easy to use neatly without touching.

✓Softly permeates the skin to keep it fresh and moist

Crow feet, nasolabial folds, neck wrinkles, wherever you want to apply

✓Crithmum Maritimum callus culture filtrate (plant stem cell) ingredient helps skin elasticity

✓Contains “Pony root extract” to help relieve skin stress (natural reliever)

moisture stick.jpg
Technical Story of Anti-aging moisture stick

The molecular tip of Sodium Stearate helps the Sodium group attract water molecules to supply water into the skin.

technical stroy of balm stick.jpg
Ingredients of Anti-aging moisture stick

Edelweiss extract

Edelweiss, which grows in extreme environments, has a high content of flavonoids and has a strong antioxidant effect.

strong moisturizing effect. The skin soothing effect evens and smooths the skin texture and purifies various wastes on the skin.

It promotes the metabolism of the skin, has an ultraviolet ray blocking effect, and has a lot of moisture loss, making tired skin clear and healthy.

Matracaria Flower Extract

Provides conditioning to the skin and blocks evaporation of moisture in the skin, helping to make it healthy and moisturized.

Helps to manage problem skin by participating in alleviating skin hypersensitivity reactions caused by harmful substances from outside.

Crithmum Maritimum CallusCulture filtrate

Christe Marine is one of the few rare marine plants that survives in the harsh environment of the rocky coast of Brittany.

Improves skin tone and radiance, promotes skin turnover, and recovers the basic deterioration of skin due to aging such as skin regeneration

Total anti-aging solution

Peony root extract

It is an extract extracted from the golden root of the family Lamiaceae, which grows on the grass in the mountains. Fruits are fruited in September, rounded in a calyx, and the root is conical and the flesh is yellow. In oriental medicine, the roots are used as antipyretic, diuretic, branch, biliary and anti-inflammatory agents. It is good for preventing aging by removing harmful oxygen and has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and anti-allergic effects.

Aloe vera leaves extract

By providing conditioning to the skin, it helps keep the skin healthy by making it softer and softer.

It helps to keep the skin moist by helping the skin to retain a lot of moisture by participating in maintaining the skin moisturizing.


As a patented ingredient, it is a natural ingredient that is a specialized ingredient for skin soothing effect and mixed with 7 vegetable ingredients in an appropriate blending ratio. It is a component that helps to quickly soothe irritated skin with effects such as antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-irritation.

moisture stick balm ingredients.jpg
2. Runslow triple mushroom ceramide essence

Safe prescription daily moisturizing essence for even sensitive skin

mushroom ceramide essence.png
ceramide essence.jpg
runslow essence.jpg

‘If your skin feels dry, you feel lack of something even you apply already!’

Product info. of triple mushroom ceramide essence

Triple mushroom complex contained

✓Phellinus linteus, sparassis crispa, and tremella fuciformis extract help to form a strong moisturizing barrier

✓Provides vitality and elasticity to rough skin, making it healthy and smooth

Whitening, wrinkle double functional product

✓It helps improve skin elasticity and wrinkles by nourishing the skin, and makes the skin brighter.

All ingredients green level safe prescription

✓Kind moisturizing essence that can comfortably use sensitive skin by maximally eliminating harmful components such as parabens, phenoxyethanol, and artificial colors

Moist Barrier (skin barrier protect)

✓It contains 'biomimetic water', which has a skin-like structure, helps to keep skin moisturized and strengthen the skin barrier.

Texture detail

A milky white essence formulation with a transparent feel wraps the skin comfortably and creates a moist skin base.

When rolling on the skin, it spreads softly and thinly, soaks deeply, and gives a firm finish.

The oil and water balance is broken, and the moisturizing feeling is maintained on the rough skin for a long time.

Ingredients of triple mushroom ceramide essence

Triple mushroom complex

Triple mushroom extract gives firm moisturizing barrier

✓Phellinus linteus, sparassis crispa, and tremella fuciformis extract are complex ingredients that enhance the skin's moisturizing ability,

giving vitality and elasticity to rough skin to help manage it healthily.

Health and smooth skin

✓It contains beta-glucan with strong moisturizing power and veratric acid, which provides excellent antioxidant effects, and delivers rich nutrition deep into the skin, turning it into shiny skin.

✓Gives skin elasticity and helps manage smooth skin.


Reinforcement skin barrier with nano ceramide

✓Ceramide, which combines ceramide and nanoliposome technology, connects the stratum corneum closely and helps to act as a strong protective film on the skin.


✓It has both hydrophilicity and lipophilicity, firmly holding the skin barrier so that it does not collapse, and provides excellent moisturizing effect.

Biomimetic water

Highly moisturizing, highly functional raw material with skin-like structure

It is composed of components similar to the components that make up the skin and is called 'biomimetic water', and is easily absorbed by the skin.

Strong skin barrier protection effect of biomimetic base

✓Instantly supply the active ingredients needed for the skin and help absorb them quickly.


✓It draws moisture in the air to help keep skin moisturized, and helps to strengthen the damaged skin barrier to create a healthy skin condition.

3. Runslow Vitamin 17 pink bubble skin booster

Refreshing daily essence that maintains proper oil and moisture balance with 2 layers of oil + water

pink bubble skin booster.png
bubble essence.jpg
runslow essence.jpg

'If you feel that your skin is soft and lifeless because of stress! ‘

Product info. of Vitamin 17 pink bubble skin booster

First essence, having great absorbtion

✓A two-layered formulation in ratio of oil 20 : water 80, the first essence with good absorbency that not only keeps moisture and resolves inner dryness with oil-water balance without stickness.

Shaking Essence

✓When it is shaken, bubble bling is split into various sizes

✓Care to the inside of skin with 2 layers of oil + water essence in proper balance

Refreshing and moist

✓Contains oil quickly moisturizing and a protecting film on the skin without stickiness on dry skin, and water that easily catches flying moisture and cares for dry skin.

Contains 17 vitamin ingredients

✓It contains pink B12 vitamins and + 16 different vitamins (i.e. Vitamin B, C, B7, B2…) to help deliver energy to the skin immediately.

Texture detail

It is a two-layered formulation with oil and water in pink color. It has a natural pink color with vitamin B12, not artificial color.

When applied to the skin, it quickly permeates and finishes freshly, not interfering with the next skin care step.

It fills in tired and lost skin with delicate moisture and smoothes the texture.

Ingredients of Vitamin 17 pink bubble skin booster


Complex containing 12 vitamins

✓Contains 12 kinds of vitamins C, E, B5, F, H, A, B6, B9, B1, B12, B3, K to help provide anti-oxidation and vitality to the skin and keep the skin clear and transparent .

Lecithin structure maximizes skin absorption

✓Lecithin, a component derived from soybeans, has a structure similar to that of the skin's intercellular lipids, helping to effectively absorb vitamins into the skin.

Red Flower Complex

Complex containing 6 flower extracts

✓It contains 6 kinds of flower extracts: flower, peony, rose, safflower, poppy, red shamrock, and camellia flowers to help vitalize the skin.

Vitamin tree fruit oil

Contains a large amount of vitamin C

It contains vitamin C and E largely, and it is a mountain fruit oil called natural vitamin, which gives vitality to dull skin and helps keep the complexion bright.

bubble essences.jpg
4. Runslow rich formula melting cream

Soft, high-moisturizing cream that forms a moisturizing barrier on the skin

moisturizing cream.png.jpg

‘If you are stressful due to the dry skin! ’

Product info. of Rich formula melting cream

Melting cream, ASA it is applied

✓It is a melting cream formulation that melts when it comes in contact with the skin, spreading smoothing.

Complete Moisture

✓Rich formulation forms a moisturizing layer on dry skin and keeps it moist for a long time

‘Skin microbiome’

✓Contains probiotic ingredients such as Bifida fermented lysate, KMX Ferment Cure

✓Probiotic-related ingredients help balance skin balance and strengthen skin barrier

Moisturizing plus moisturizing (+)

✓‘PENTAVITIN® ingredient’, called ‘magnet for holding water’ that protects the skin from drying out and moisturizing

✓7 kinds of hyaluronic acid with different molecular size, moisturizes both skin and inside

Texture detail

✓It is a white rich cream formulation, but it is a moisture cream that gently spreads when it touches the skin.

It melts more gently at a temperature similar to body temperature, and when applied to the skin, gently spreads and absorbs quickly.

It keeps the skin moist for a long time with a high-moisturizing melting formula on dry and tired skin.

Ingredients of Rich formula melting cream

Bifida fermented lysate

Valuable fermented lysate by extracting it more carefully

✓Bifida fermented lysate is a fermented lysate that is produced through the process of dissolving, disinfecting, and filtering the fermented raw materials obtained by culturing Bifidobacteria in first and second stages. Its amount is extremely small and difficult to make.

Various ingredients that vitlaize the skin

✓The protein, lactose, lactic acid, vitamins and other minerals contained in the Bifida fermented lysate work for turn the skin into vitality.

7 kinds of hyaluronic acid

7 types of hyaluronic acid with different molecular sizes

✓It is a complex ingredient that blends 7 types of hyaluronic acid from low molecule to high polymer to fill both the outer and inner skin of the skin, and keeps the skin moist and healthy all day long.

Moisture that fills the skin both inside and outside

✓Ultra-low molecular hyaluronic acid: It is easy to absorb skin and enhances the basic moisture in the skin.
✓Low-molecular hyaluronic acid: Deeply penetrates the stratum corneum, improves moisturizing power, and continuously supplies moisture to the skin epidermis.

✓Medium molecule hyaluronic acid: Closely moisturizes the skin to form a thin moisturizing film and enhances moisture retention.
✓Polymer hyaluronic acid: It attracts moisture from the surroundings to prevent evaporation and helps to form a moisturizing barrier.

bifida cream.jpg

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These products can be sold as branded products, and Private label service are also available.

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