Hands Metic

High-functional cosmetics accessory brand

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“Special Care, Better Result”

Hands Metic - Introduction

HANDSMETICS is a brand that specialized in high-functional cosmetics. 

Get special care and better results with superior functional props

Product info. of Hands Metic

1. Pure Natural Multi Cotton pad

Hands metic Pure Natural Multi Cotton pad

Safe facial cotton using co friendly water jet method

100% cotton to minimize skin irritation

Not containing 4 Pernicious ingredient for a healthy skin

Can be used for a toner or ample mask pack, with 4 layered pure cottons

multi cotton pad.jpg
cotton pad.jpg
2. Hands Metic hands mirror

Handy hand mirror which can be used any time!

hand mirror design.jpg
Hand mirror.jpg
Product info. of hands mirror

#1. Firm and rounded edge

#2. Simple white colour

#3. Lite fit in one hand
#4. Fits perfectly in small pouch


Material: ARS, Glass

Thickness: 5mm

Check your beautiful face with this handy hands mirror!

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