PORTFOLIO - Cosmetic items

Portfolio items are available for OEM & ODM

Production of OEM & ODM Cosmetics

1. You can proceed to OEM & ODM items in the portfolio below.

    Please tell us what you want to proceed.

2. If you send us a sample of the product you want, we can develop and process the product by OEM or ODM.

    Please send us your sample to us.

3. Or, if you have a cosmetic product you would like to proceed with brand, please provide us with a photo or approximate specification of the product and we will contact you after confirmation.

    Please send us the info. of product.

Portfolio - Cosmetic Items

For more info. of the product, please contact us 

These products are only available for OEM & ODM. For other products you want, Please send us a sample or provide a photo and information to confirm if it is possible to be produced.

Skin care items - Serum, Ample, Cream, Mist, Essence etc.

Whitening Ampoule

Whitening functional ampoule containing niacinamide and fabtide component carnosine.

Capsule Ampoule

Contains pearl shell extract and caviar ingredients. the capsules are crushed as soon as they are pumped.

Silkworm oil serum

​An anti-aging oil serum containing silkworm pupa fermented oil and omega-3.

Silkworm oil cream

Whitening & anti-wrinkle functional cream containing silkworm pupa fermented oil and omega-3.

Whitening & anti-wrinkle cream

It is a whitening & anti-wrinkle functional cream containing 9 extracts such as adenosine, niacinamide, and cynanchum wilfordii.

Whitening & anti-wrinkle serum

An anti-aging serum containing silkworm pupa fermented oil, omega-3, ginseng, lotus, and tomato callus.

All in One Whitening Care

All in one whitening facial lotion made with 7 kinds of whitening ingredients, elasticity and moisturizing ingredients

Cream Mist Spray
aill mists.jpg

It is not a light mist used in general, but a cream mist that is as moist and moisturizing as the cream to be applied.

Essential Sun Cream SPF 50
aill suncreams.jpg

Sunscreen that blocks UVA and UVB UV rays and adheres naturally to the skin.

Multi Vita Essence
multi vita essence.jpg

It is an essence containing 17 vitamin ingredients, 6 flower extracts, and vitamin tree fruit oil. (No artificial flavor added)

Triple Mushroom Essence
triple mushroom ceramide essence.jpg

It is an essence added with phellimus linteus, Sparassis crispa, and snow fungus extract and nano ceramide.

Stick Moisturizing Balm
moisturing stick balm.jpg

It is a soothing balm moisture stick added with Roxemfire callus and peony root extract.

After waxing items
cabacaba sherbet soothing gel.jpg

It is a Brazilian waxing product composed of sugar waxing gel, soothing cream and moisture stick.

Natural soap - Face & body

Multi scrub natural hypoallergenic soap for both face and body

Whitening & anti-wrinkle ample

Whitening & anti-wrinkle functional ampoule containing 7 types of hyaluronic acid complex, peptide, and patented ingredient.

Stem Cell Ampoule

An anti-aging and elasticity ampoule containing plant stem cells.

Carboxy Mask Pack

This is a mask pack that combines gel and mask to generate Co2. Elasticity & whitening functional item.

Face Peeling Stick

It is a peeled product that can be used without touching the face containing the AHA peeling ingredient contained in a cotton swab.

Face / Body / Hair Related Products 

Deep Cleansing Balm

This is a brand dealing with the first step of skincare, flaky skin and pores.

Moisture Cleansing Foam

It uses 20 kinds of natural ingredients and nanobubble hydrogen water, and keeps the moisturizing feeling even after use.

Bubble Cleansing Pack
bubble cosmetic.jpg

This is a bubble pack containing konjac scrub and charcoal powder, which exfoliates, cleanses and packs at once.

All in One Whitening Care for body

All in one whitening body lotion made with 7 kinds of whitening ingredients, elasticity and moisturizing ingredients

High Moisturizing Body Wash

Highly moisturizing body wash containing more than 80% of natural ingredients such as red ginseng, honey, and wormwood extract

High Moisturizing Body Cream

Highly moisturizing body cream containing over 89% of natural ingredients such as red ginseng, honey and bottle extract

Perfume styling shampoo&treatment

It is a long-lasting fragrance and weakly acidic hypoallergenic shampoo. And, treatments containing low-molecular protein

Hair Essence Mist

Hair mist that can manage damaged hair easily anytime, anywhere

25cc Hair Keratin Therapy

Powerful hair treatment containing hair protein used in hair salons

Products to relieve hair loss

Hair loss prevention hair products consisting of scalp exfoliation, hair loss relief shampoo, and hair loss relief tonic

Hair Loss
Shampoo & Essence

Premium hair loss shampoo and essence containing 31 kinds of herbal medicine

Lipstick / Tint Products 

Matt Lipstick

A matte lipstick with a soft, vivid color and moist feeling

Moist Tint

A moisturizing tint that creates a glossy and voluminous feel, not sticky

Soft velvet lip tint
- Foam Tips

Velvet Lip Tint expressing wonder, thought, interest, tension, excitement, expectation, trembling, happiness, heartbeat, and sincerity

Men's products

All-in-one essence

All in one men's essence with lotion, skin, essence, and perfume in one place. Functional products for whitening and wrinkle improvement

UV protection cc cream

Whitening, wrinkle improvement, sun protection (SFP50 + / PA 6 +++) triple functional men's CC cream.

All-in-one wash item

A mild all in one wash item for rough men who use it on all parts of the head, face and body.

These Items are mostly available only for OEM & ODM Service 

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