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Classic and Vintage concept brand

makeup set

LILADD - Development background

The Joy of Expressing, The color Representing me

We provide happiness that make you flutter.

We offer the joy of finding the best personal color and make-up for you who dreams of value lifestyle.

liladd cosmetic.jpg

Brand concept of LILADD

Classic and vintage concept hue brand targets 2030 female consumers

Delicate and sensitive Hue brand.


Using the vintage design package with tin cases or papers as subsidiary material.

Overall, the contents are tone down color.

Brand naming of LILADD


Liladd is a compound word of Lilacs

(a white Lilac symbolize a beautiful oath) and adduce.

Liladd is a hue brand which offers beauty.

The word “add” at the end of a word gives positive image,

and it also represents the cosmetic brand that adds beauty to you.  

Product info. of LILADD

1. Lip tint / Shadow Palette / Eyeliner / Eyebrow / Contour / Foundation

Lip tint: Color no.4 / moist / velvet

Shadow Palette: 6 Eye shadow 1 Blusher / Pressed type

Eyeliner: Brown color / Liquid pen type

Eyebrow: 2 Brown color / Pressed type

Contour: 2 color mix / Liquid type

Foundation: 1 color / Liquid type

Classic and vintage concept brand cosmet
2. Point brush / Eyebrow brush / Foundation brush /
    Blush brush / Shading & Powder brush

Point brush: Round shape (bullet brush)

Eyebrow brush: Angled cut

Foundation brush: Wide and flat shape

Blush brush: Flat and rounded tip

Shading & powder brush: Rounded cut

Classic and vintage concept brand cosmet

Genderless Beauty Life Brand

Hair loss care brand

Vintage makeup brands

Early Anti-aging brand

Waxing aftercare brand

Premium beauty care brand

These products can be sold as branded products, and Private label service are also available.

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