Pores & exfoliate care brand cosmetic

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Terrible skin vicious cycle, find primary causes! 

Pore & exfoliate cosmetic - Development background

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#1. Excessive sebum

#2. Piled dead skin cells

#3. Irritating cosmetics

Brand story of CossgMossg

CossgMossg means wiping noses and pores, specific parts of sebum and oil. It is a brand addressing pores and flaky skin as the first step of skin care.


We realized that the basic of skin care = remove flaky skin and pore on the basis of skin turnover period care by researching on ‘easy and simple skin care?’ with cosmetic experts with more than 10 years of experience and skin care BMs


Soft on skin! Clean flaky skin and pores! Light skin care!

This is a brand dealing with the first step of skincare, flaky skin and pores.

Value of CossgMossg


Taking care of the basic,

Pore and flaky skin care


Not a difficult but light,

attracted into Cossg Mossg


Experience clean pores

through Cossg Mossg

Key Point of CossgMossg

✔ Resolve the skin trouble of pore sufferers with a irritation-zero care!

✔ Cut off the vicious circle, make a healthy skin!

✔ Trustworthy ingredients and reasonable price !

Lines of CossgMossg (SKU)

korean toner

Product info. of CossgMossg

1. Cica daily peeling toner

Providing relaxing water into skin. Removing old dead skin cells, sebum and waste softly. Help to get soft skin – daily peeling toner.

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Product info. of Cica daily peeling toner

▪Name: COSSG MOSSG pore cica daily peeling toner

▪Volume: 200ml

▪Color & Type: transparent water type

▪Usage: relaxing skin after washing, providing moist, relaxing and removing dead cells

▪Functional: Whitening, Wrinkle care, double function


   - Clear skin, supplying moist and realxing

   - Water soluble exfoliation PHA gluconoracton contained, suitable for sensitive

     and pimple skin

   - Control oil-moist balance

   - Toner pack, toner mist etc, diverse usages

   - Certified non-irritation cosmetic

COSSG flaky skin softly, SSOG moist and nutrition


Water soluble exfoliation


Clinical test finished

CICA care

Skin relaxing


EWG Class

All ingredients Level 1-2

2. Cica nose ample

Treating old and float dead cells turn to smooth and soft skin, good at supplying water and relaxing skin. As a low irritation ample, essential pore care for pore sufferers

expoliate ampoule
Product info. of Cica nose ample

▪Name: COSSG MOSSG Pore CICA nose ample

▪Volume: 38ml

▪Color & Type: Half-transparent, viscous liquid type

▪Usage: After night washing, smoothing skin, rolling from nose to whole face,

   exfoliation and water-relaxing

▪MFDS Functional certified: Whitening, wrinkle care, double functions


   - Low irritation ample including AHA, BHA,PHA

   - Daily use available, containing exfoliation ingredients less than 5%

   - From nose, most oily and sebum, to whole face usable

   - Moist water type, spreading softly on the face

   - Low irritation clinical test finished, suitable for sensitive and pimple skin

While sleeping, old dead cells & pore trouble BYE


Clinical test finished

Night peeling

Peeling ample

for night

3 in 1

Containing best 3 peeling ingredients

CICA care

Containing skin relaxing ingredients

3. Cica moisture cream

Pore care cream for tired skin and dry skin by filling dense moist

Delivering sensitive skin and lots of moist and relaxing into deep skin

cica moisture creams.jpg
Product info. of Cica moisture cream

▪Name: COSSG MOSSG calming cica moisture cream

▪Volume: 40ml

▪Color & Type: Translucent

▪Usage: After Toner or Ample, moisturizing and relaxing

▪Functional: Wrinkle care and whitening double function


   - Skin relaxing by containing Centella Asiatica Extract and Allantoin

   - Available on all types of skin

   - Skin condition care, oil-moist balance

   - Non-sticky, light usage and pore minimizing

Pure relaxing spot on dry parts!


Clinical test finished

CICA cream

Centella asiatica extract Allantoin

71%of natural ingredients

Containing natural ingredients at maximum

Relaxing Moisture

Double effect of relaxing and moisturizing

4. Cica stick

Oily stick NO! NO! watery moisturizing as soon as you put on

Skin relaxing pore minimizing pore moist stick for pore sufferer

cica stick balm.jpg
Product info. of Cica stick

▪Name: COSSG MOSSG pore calming cica stick

▪Volume: 11g

▪Color & Type: light and fresh stick water balm

▪Usage: Pore moisturizing and relaxing care

▪Functional: Wrinkle care and whitening double functions


   - ALL in One : moisturizing+wrinkle care+whitening

   - Centella Asiatica Extract and Allantoin containing, skin relaxing

   - Natural reliver ‘peony root extract’ containing

   - Containing Herb-Pore complex pore minimizing

   - Supplying moist to fix make up

Whenever, everywhere simple moisture relaxing stick SSG!


Clinical test finished

Water balm type

Moist water feeling itself

All in 1

Moisturizing + wrinkle care +whitening

Patent ingredients

Pore and wrinkle functional


5. Cica bubble peeling pack

Soft cleansing effect rolling and soaking piled sebum and old dead skin cells

cica peeling packs.jpg
Product info. of Cica bubble peeling pack

▪Name: COSSG MOSSG pore bubble cleansing

▪Volume: 100ml

▪Color & Type: Foam type including Gonyak and Charcoal powder

▪Usage: Cleansing wastes and exfoliating in pores


   - Soft cleansing effect rolling and soaking piled sebum and old dead skin cells

   - Cleansing + Exfoliating + Bubble pack in one, cleansing care

   - Skin low irritation test finished, sensitive skin is safe

   - Relaxing and moisturizing help and containing herb extract and jojoba seed oil

Endless cleansing stop! All in one!

Charcoal powder

Skin clear & remove waste

3 in 1

Cleansing + exfoliation+ bubble pack

Gonyak scrub

Skin clear& remove waste

Low irritation peeling

Soft and clotty

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