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Genderless Beauty Life Brand

natural soap

“Filling the skin health”

VIKTIG - Brand Story

Viktig brand.jpg

We are aiming for basic and restrained Beauty while keeping us simple.

We start from basic to suits each individual’s lifestyle when producing a premium products.


Our brand will always be with people who constantly agonize to have better skin and we will plan to produce ideal skin care products for each of you.

Product concept of VIKTIG

Our concept planning is based on the data found in same product categories.

Analysis rival brand’s products and understands costumers who uses the Amazon to build strategy.

Point #1 Young Nutural Image (Energetic, Fresh, Gender Neutral)

No gender specific products and suggest beauty products that suits for all gender.

Point #2 Marine Ingredient (Raw, Marine plant, Natural, Eco-friendly)

Promote trust of the ingredient by using Marine based material as a vital ingredient and includes natural sensibility.

Point #3 Simple and convenient (Frustration Free Packaging, Simplicity)

 Simplifies the package of the product to provide higher quality products and establish nature friendly brand image.

Introduction of Product

product name: Facial and body soap

Amount and component: Amount : 60g  / three pieces 

Color and type: Colour / the: MP

Appealing point

- Multi scrub product that can be used both face and body

- lite scrub for sensitive skin. Cleans dirt inside of the pore and smooth the skin

- Charming and Neutral scent, not strong Odor after  use.

Feature and benefit

- contains scrub particles inside of the soap for a mechanical scrubbing effect great for clearing dead skin cells

- ample and compact bubbles hydrates skin

- Exclude ingredient that banned from FDA, composition of safe ingredient for customers

natural soap

Genderless Beauty Life Brand

Hair loss care brand

Vintage makeup brands

Early Anti-aging brand

Waxing aftercare brand

Premium beauty care brand

These products can be sold as branded products, and Private label service are also available.

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