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After Waxing Item Brand

sugar body scrub

“ Clean, Simple, Smart Care”

Povaha after waxing cosmetic - Development background

Waxing cosmetic Concept.jpg

Waxing recognition changed : Brazilian waxing

Bikini line waxing, which was done a lot to wear bikinis, there are a lot of women who getting Brazilian waxing even without wearing a swimsuit for the summer season.


Brazilian waxing is a culture that was recognized as non-mainstream only a few years ago. However, in recent years, as perceptions have changed as part of personal hygiene management, rather than simply pulling hair, interest in waxing has increased as well as women..


Waxing awareness is gradually changing. In the past, waxing has been recognized to care only for the arms, legs and armpits, but in recent years, the range of waxing has been expanded, and many people are looking for waxing shops to wax in various parts.


Perceptions are gradually changing on YouTube and SNS accounts, such as posting a review of the waxing.

Brand concept of Povaha

Povaha is a brand specializing in waxing aftercare, and has a simple and modern image rather than an overly luxurious packaging.

It is a brand that has confidence in types and emphasizes ‘the importance of aftercare’, and suggests the correct method of care after waxing..


Sensational design

Like my skin that is clean and clear after waxing, The products of Povaha pursue clean design.


Simple, modern, and not over-designed It contains the characteristics of Povaha


True and honest product

We will make a suitable and essential product for all skin types.


Anyone can use it easily and simply. We make products that can be used for daily care.


A brand that strives to make good products.


Reliable brand

Just waxing doesn't end there. If not properly got care Because it can cause inflammation and skin problems

Correct care is required after waxing.

As a product that can minimize skin irritation. We help you care smartly.

Brand story of Povaha

Brand for precise targets

Povaha means characteristic and features in Czech. Recognizing features of the product you need has accurately,

To make a true honest product It is an effortless beauty brand.

Reliable Brand

To make management a little easier, Made with more reliable ingredients, To protect your skin, We try to be.

A brand you can trust more

A brand that knows the importance of aftercare

Rather than doing anything, Care after that is important. Teeth, health, skin, hair loss, etc.

In a variety of different worries the answer is aftercare.

If you don’t deal with properly various things that may appear think about problems that may arise.

Always stressing the importance of aftercare the right way after you wax. we help you deal with.

Product info. of Povaha

1. Povaha moisture cica balm stick

Moisture and cooling at the same time. Soothing and cooling stick, gently on the skin.

A stick that impregnates and soothes the skin.

povaha moisture stick.jpg
povaha moisture balm stick.jpg
moisture stick.jpg

Essential for soothing and nourishing ingrown hair care of irritated skin after waxing.

Product info. of moisture cica balm stick

Soothing & Cooling

✓Since applying while rolling a product that can feel moisture and cooling at the same time. Soothing and cooling stick.

Whitening, wrinkle care double function

✓It helps to improve skin elasticity and wrinkles by nourishing the skin, and makes the skin bright.

Clearly usage without touch

✓Portable stick type for easy use anytime, anywhere

✓Softly permeates the skin to keep it fresh and moist


Fully moisturizing + soothing care at the same time

✓A formulation that keeps the skin moist and contains plenty of moisture with 56% of natural ingredients

✓Contains ‘peony root extract’ that helps relieve skin stress (naturally stimulator reliver)

Povaha moisture cica balm.jpg
2. Povaha exfoliating sugar body scrub

Hypoallergenic body scrub that gently exfoliates without irritating the skin

povaha exfoliation sugar body scrub.jpg
korea sugar scrub.jpg
body scrub product.jpg
Product info. of exfoliating sugar body scrub

Soft keratin care with small sugar particles

✓Body scrub that minimizes irritation with finer particles of sugar than regular sugar

✓Smooth care for irritated skin after waxing

Contains hypoallergenic peeling ingredient PHA

✓Minimizes skin irritation as the molecules are large and do not penetrate into the skin

✓It is a water-soluble ingredient that has excellent water-binding ability, helping to moisturize the skin

Use natural gardenia fruit pigments, not artificial colors

✓This product uses natural gardenia pigment and can be safely used.

More effective scrub effect with Propol ISLB (konjac bead)

✓As it contains konjac beads as well as sugar, it is an elastic and soft formulation

   that minimizes irritation to the skin and allows gentle scrubbing.

Contains Icelandic glacial water & marine collagen to help soothe skin

✓It nourishes the skin, prevents skin damage, and helps the skin texture to be smooth and shiny.

3. Povaha cabacaba sherbet soothing gel

Quick moisturizing and soothing, finishing without stickness light daily soothing gel

after waxing gel.jpg
cabacaba sherbet soothing gel.jpg
soothing gel.jpg

‘If your skin feels dry, you feel lack of something even you apply already!’

Product info. of Cabacaba sherbet shoothing gel

Low irritation complete

✓It is a low irritation product that can be used for both face and body.

✓Daily soothing gel to help repair damaged skin after waxing

Light sherbet type without stickness

✓As the sherbet gel type, it creates a moist feeling after application and a light finish without stickiness

Cabacaba root extract 84.16% contained

✓84.16% ingredient of cabacaba root extract instead of purified water

✓Helps relieve irritation, sooth skin, converge skin, soften skin, and sooth skin.

Containing natural ingredients helping soothing skin.

✓Protects skin with Madecassoside, Centella Extract, and Ceramide, which suppress inflammation

✓Soothing care for skin irritated by external stress such as Brazilian / Face / Body waxing

Whitening, wrinkle care double function

✓It helps to improve skin elasticity and wrinkles by nourishing the skin, and makes the skin bright and bright.

자산 4@300x-20.jpg

Early Anti-aging brand

Waxing aftercare brand

Premium beauty care brand

Genderless Beauty Life Brand

Hair loss care brand

Vintage makeup brands

These products can be sold as branded products, and Private label service are also available.

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