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“Beauty begins with change.”

Awesome April (TWOA) Is a company specializing in planning, producing and exporting K-Beauty & Cosmetic products that always pursue change and lead new beauty trends. Starting in 2009, TWOA has been growing together by exporting products from small and medium-sized enterprises boasting innovative technology and quality in Korea. Starting in 2014, K-Beauty products (cosmetics, skincare items), which are growing differently every day, are discovered to inform overseas markets.

K-Beauty is steadily growing, responding sensitively to global trends based on Korea's unique sensibility, high product power, and fast production system. It is the early adopter's market and production base that can lead beauty trends in the rapidly evolving world market through YouTube and Social media. Accordingly, TWOA is rapidly introducing the latest K-Beauty products in Korea and supplying Private label items to buyers in need. In addition, K-Beauty is building production systems and expert lines that can be linked to product planning, development, and design. Join TWOA and add trendy K-Beauty products as your items to make new changes.

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Whatsapp: 8210.28619747 / Wechat: roytwoa

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