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CARBOXY CO2 BODY & BELLY consists of gel and sheet. Just by combiningthese two, CO2 is generated. It is then quickly and effectively absorbed intothe skin. Reaction of the gel and sheet takes 20 – 30 minutesto be effectivelyabsorbed into the skin for body slimming


Cellulite Slimming Effects

One of the major skin elements is called phospholipid which is formed in double layers.

With CO2 GEL, CO2 is generated by combining the mask and the gel, and is absorbed

into the phospholipid layers by the defusing de-gassing structure (DDS).

CO2 then densifies the tissues by the slimming effects. 
Effortlessly unlike an exercise to slim, you can easily benefit from the body slimming effects. 


Inside box 

Carboxy gel 200ml in tube

Body Sheet x 8


For ODM of this product

Please contact us (

MOQ: 3,000 pcs

Carboxy Co2 Body Slimming Mask

  • Refunds are available for any damage or problem to the product.

  • Shipping by EMS (Express mail service) (5-10days or over depending on the location) 

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