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This product is one of the best hair growth products made in Korea, which combines methyl sulfonyl methane(MSM), 7 years old Korean wild ginseng + 31 kinds of high quality herbal medicines (GMP certified raw materials), natural surfactant and nanotechnology.


MSM can solve countless causes of hair loss.

The best herbal medicines are needed to solve all the causes of hair loss such as stress, an epileptic scalp, DHT, lack of sleep, malnutrition, excessive diet, pregnancy, childbirth, hyperlipemia, diabetes,


Inside box 

Essence 100ml x 1


Over 10boxes order: Please contact us (

OEM: 3,000 boxes

Hair loss Essence 100ml

  • Refunds are available for any damage or problem to the product.

  • Shipping by EMS (Express mail service) (5-10days or over depending on the location) 

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