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PEEL OFF MASK (3 kinds)

Absorbs strongly on the skin to reduce waste, sebum, blackheads, whiteheads, dead skin cells, tone up, skin vitality, skin purification, and skin texture.

It's a peel-off mask pack that allows for all-in-one care.


Please indicate the color you want

Black: Charcoal Clearing

Pink: Blossom Vitalizing

GreenTea tree calming


Inside box 

Peel off mask 100g in tube


For ODM of this product

Please contact us (

MOQ: 3,000 pcs

PEEL OFF MASK (3 kinds)

  • Refunds are available for any damage or problem to the product.

  • Shipping by EMS (Express mail service) (5-10days or over depending on the location) 

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