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Carboxy Therapy

Carboxy Therapy is an effective mask pack that allows you to immediately experience skin tightening and brightening effects.

Awesome April

We introduce unique and effective Korean skin care products.

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Hot selling items

Unique and effective Korean skin care items

Brand Items

Able to Purchase immediately or by Private brands


We discover and introduce special and effective Korean skin care products.
Our products can be ordered in small quantities or with private labels.

We was established in 2009 and exports Korean beauty products to overseas markets.

Starting with Carboxy Therapy products in 2009, we are introducing fresh and effective products such as peeling pens and Acne patches to overseas buyers, and exporting related products as brands or OEM (Private Label).

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Sales Team

We sell our own brand and cosmetic products both domestically and internationally.

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Manufacturing Partners

We work with manufacturing partners by field for private label service.

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Raw materials, subsidiary materials, packaging, transportation, etc.

Cooperate with companies in the field.

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