Korean cosmetics & beauty item Supplier

by Private Brands (Phantom brands)


Branded products

(Able to Purchase immediately or by Private brands)

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Private Label Services

PORTFOLIO - Cosmetic items

Portfolio items are available for private label services.

We have a diverse portfolio of skin care, ampoule, hair, makeup, and functional products.

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We are a company specializing in planning, producing and exporting K-Beauty & Cosmetic products

that always pursue change and lead new beauty trends.

Product Planning Team

Analyze trends and plan new products.

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Design Experts

We are working with experts in each field.

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Overseas Sales Team

Manufacturing Partners

It is in charge of discovering and promoting domestic / overseas clients.

We work with manufacturing partners by field such as color tone, foundation, mask pack, and consumer goods manufacturing.

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Cosmetics sale

We sell our own brand and cosmetic products both domestically and internationally.

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Raw materials, subsidiary materials, packaging, transportation, etc.

Cooperate with companies in the field.