Korean cosmetics & beauty item Supplier

by Brands, OEM & ODM



We are a company specializing in planning, producing and exporting K-Beauty & Cosmetic products

that always pursue change and lead new beauty trends.

Product Planning Team

Analyze trends and plan new products.

Design Experts

We are working with experts in each field.

Domestic / Overseas

Sales Team

It is in charge of discovering and promoting domestic / overseas clients.

Manufacturing Partners

We work with manufacturing partners by field such as color tone, foundation, mask pack, and consumer goods manufacturing.

Cosmetics sale

We sell our own brand and cosmetic products both domestically and internationally.


Raw materials, subsidiary materials, packaging, transportation, etc.

Cooperate with companies in the field.

New Development

Product planning, new material use, sampling, product description, subsidiary materials selection, design (container, box), production, management, etc.

Existing brands

(small or big order)



(Choose the options)

New Development

(5~6months required)

Branded products

(Able to Purchase immediately)


(Products on the portfolio)

Buyer’s brands

with design

(1~2months required)

Changing design and details

(2~4months required)

Branded products

(Able to Purchase immediately)


(Products on the portfolio)

PORTFOLIO - Cosmetic items

Portfolio items are available for OEM & ODM

For more info. of the product, please contact us 

These products are only available for OEM & ODM. For other products you want, Please send us a sample or provide a photo and information to confirm if it is possible to be produced.

                  TWOA CO.,LTD.

Head Office: #909, KGIT Center 402 Worldcupbuk-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul, Korea.

Office: C-dong 411, 283 Bupyengdae-ro, bupyeng-gu, Incheon, Republic of Korea

Email. / Tel. 032 623 5533 / Fax. 032 623 5534 / Whatsapp: +82.1028619747 / Wechat ID: roytwoa

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