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Best Items

It is a skin care item that has been popularly sold for over 10 years.

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Private Label Service

(Products on the portfolio)

When proceeding with existing products

You can reproduce the portfolio product that has been already developed and

sold in Korea under your brand (Private brands).

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Product Category


Skin Care Item

Toner, Essence, Cream, Lotion,

Gel, Balm, Acne Item, ect.


Ampoule Item

Ampoule, serum,

Mask, ect.


Face, Body, Hair Item

Facial Cleansing, Massage

Item, Shampoo, Hair Treatment, Body Wash, Cream, ect.


Cosmetic Item

Lip Item, Sun cream,

makeup tool, ect.

Interested products

Items with many inquiries from buyers

Branded products

(Able to Purchase immediately)

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Existing brands

(small or big order) (3-7days)

Small quantities: Available to order immediately
Large quantities: Additional production time is required (15-30days)

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Buyer’s brands with design

(1~2months required)

You can put your brand (PL) into an already branded product.
With the ODM (PL) method, you can easily reproduce products that have already 
been branded, product-planned, and product-developed into your own brand.

You can purchase branded products that can be purchased by repackaging them with your brand.

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SET products

Products that consist of a set

Brand Items

Able to Purchase immediately or by Private brands