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Ampoules ​ for face

Ampoule for Derma Roller using stem cells, peptides, propolis, etc.

peptide ampoule
peptide ampoule

Peptide Ampoule (Peptide 10ppm) (10ml / 30ml)

Premium ampoule with ahigh content of Peptide 10PPM

Organic peptide ingredient with gradual improvement of overall skin appearance

1. Promotes natural skin structure

Promotes active formation of skin structure necessary for maintain elasticity

2. Delivers ingredients to the core

Quickly fills the skin with lacking nutrients to tighten it

peptide ampoule
propolis ampoule
propolis ampoule

Propolis Ampoule (Propolis 100,000ppm)

(10ml / 30ml)

Premium ampoule with ahigh content of Propolis extract 10,000PPM

Nature’s Miracle, Propolis is double as effective

1. Delivers nutritional ingredients

Moisturizes and soothes dry skin with 180 active ingredients to make skin glow from the inside

2. Improves damaged skin barrier

Restores bouncy skin by improving damaged skin barrier due to various environmental factors

propolis ampoule
beta glucan cosmetics
beta glucan cosmetics

B-glucan Ampoule (Propolis  10,000ppm)  (10ml / 30ml)

Premium ampoule with ahigh content of B-glucan 10,000PPM

Beta-glucan is a naturally-derived moisturizing ingredient that prevents the skin from drying out too fast

1. The solution for moisturizing from the inside out

Restores bouncy skin by improving damaged skin barrier due to various environmental factors

2. Creates a moisture film

A strong moisture film is formed so that the hydration stays inside the skin.

beta glucan cosmetics
egf ampoule
egf ampoule

E.G.F Ampoule  (E.G.F 10ppm) (10ml / 30ml)

Premium ampoule with ahigh content of E.G.F 10PPM

Contains Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine award- winning ingredient, EGF which combats early onset aging

1. Improves damaged skin barrier

Restores bouncy skin by improving damaged skin barrier due to various environmental factors

2. Increases skin elasticity

Added elasticity allows skin to look younger by softening wrinkles at the corners of the eyes and mouth caused by using your facial muscles

egf ampoule
vitamin c ampoule
vitamin c ampoule

Vitamin C Ampoule  (Ascorbic Acid 320,000ppm) 

(10ml / 30ml)

A vitamin serum ampoule containing 320,000PPM of vitamin c, suppresses melanin synthesis, provides high-concentration brightening effect and cares for a vibrant complexion

A vitamin C ampoule that contains only active ingredients in one bottle, replenishing the skin.

Why simple ingredients are better

- Dozens of ingredients, how many percent is it contained?

- Our ampoule contains only essential ingredients to increase the content of expensive active ingredients

vitamin c ampoule
abp ampoule

ABAPA Ampoule (Cica-Tea Tree extract 300,000ppm) (10ml / 30ml)

Why did the Aabapa Cream put all?

AHA: Removes dead skin cells

BHA: Cleans sebum from pores & removes blackheads

PHA: Delivers moisture to deep layers of the skin 

ABAPA Ampoule of P.H 5.5 that contains all of the AHA, BHA, and PHA ingredients. (Cica extract: 200,000ppm / Tea Tree extract 100,000ppm)

#Skin soothing

Rapid calming effect with 200,000PPM of Cica ingredients


Rapid cleansing effect with 100,000 PPM of tea tree

abp ampoule
Cica tamanu ampoule

CICANU Ampoule (Cica-Tamanu extract 300,000ppm) (10ml / 30ml)

A CICANU Ampoule of P.H 5.5 that contains the Centella Asiatica, Tamanu Extract ingredients. (Centella Asiatica extract: 200,000ppm / Tamanu Extract 100,000ppm)

Rather than providing a temporary soothing effect, it helps to break the cycle of skin irritation by restoring the skin’s natural barrier.

The Cica ingredients penetrate deeply into the skin, allowing you to immediately notice a change just after the first day of use.

#Skin soothing

10,000 ppm of Cica ingredients quickly soothe irritated skin 

#Rejuvenate ski

10,000 ppm of Tamanu ingredients effectively rejuvenate the skin

Cica tamanu ampoule
Premium ampoule

Premium Skin Care Set - Ampoule (10ml / 30ml)

This premium skincare ampoule contains Volufiline, Idebenone and E.G.F.

Total Remedy Line premium ingredient contain


1.Improving the cleanliness of pores and elasticity of pores in drooping and stretched pores

2.Balanced oil and moisture balance with damask rose water

3.Give a bright complexion to a dark, dreary complexion

4.Quickly calm and protect to sensitive skin

5.Smooth improvement of uneven skin texture

Premium ampoule
whitening serum

Bulgarian Rosehip Serum

Amazing brightening effect Bulgarian rosehip oil serum. Rose water, rosehip seed oil, Panthenol use.

4 seasons of quality care

Oil that can be used in both spring / summer / fall / winter!
You can receive premium moisturizing care all year round 
with a light and refreshing rosehip oil coating that can be 
used all year round.

Stop skin time

The natural moisturizing factor of Bulgarian Rosehip 
restores the time of rough skin.

Surpass the Olive Oil

High nutrient oil rich in vitamin E, etc. It contains twice as much vitamin E as olive oil, as well as four times more moisturizing power, providing high nutrients for the skin.

whitening serum
face serum

Whitening Ampoule  (Oil Serum) 

Whitening functional ampoule containing niacinamide and peptide component carnosine.

Dull and dark skin

With intensive whitening care ingredients, you can manage your skin brightly and brightly.

Dry and loose skin

It manages the skin that has been exfoliated due to lack of moisture to keep it moist and full of moisture for a long time

Irritated and sensitive skin

Excluding ingredients that are harmful to the skin, and using naturally derived ingredients to manage sensitive skin.

face serum
Acne Ampoule

AC pure ampoule 

Herbal moisture ampoule containing PHA ingredient to help control sebum. Contains 4 plant extracts for skin soothing and patented natural herbal extracts

Along with natural ingredients that care for pores, it softens sebum and dead skin cells for a clear and bright skin tone. Care items for gentle daily use without irritation

AC pure ampoule that provides gentle and moist care without irritation to rough skin

Contains Centella asiatica extract

When a tiger is hurt, it is said that he threw and rubbed his body for self-healing!


Centella asiatica contains madecassic acid in its leaves and stems. Various products such as ointments, creams, and cleansing are on the market as they have excellent effects in preventing wounds and healing fine lines.

Acne Ampoule
hyaluronic acid ampoules

Hyaluronic acid ampoule 

Eight active ingredients wrinkle management. The ampoule, which is optimized with 8 proven high-functional ingredients that enhances elasticity and wrinkle care, fills the skin and improves wrinkles, skin texture & tone, elastic skin, and moisturizing.

Carefully blended ratio of 8 medically proven ingredients
Does not include 5 harmful ingredients that cause skin irritation! (No parabens, phenoxyethanol, artificial coloring, triethanolamine, or mineral oils)

Medically proven active ingredients

Our formula contains only 8 active ingredients and 2 ingredients that were approved by the Korea Drug Administration other reliable verification agencies after undergoing extensive research.

Increased synergy effect due to optimal raw material formulation

The product contains an optimal ratio of the active ingredients for maximum effect and stability of the formula by preventing the contents from coming into contact with air.

hyaluronic acid ampoules
hyaluronic acid ampoules

Stem Cell Ampoule (Anti-aging)

The skin regenerating Stem cell ampoule contains plant stem cell substance (Eternal P).

The skin regenerating ampoule contains plant stem cell substance.

You can choose the package (10 vials x 5ml or 30 syringe x 1ml) which can be used before or after using MTS, Derma Roller, peeling, or Laser. It has outstanding whitening and wrinkle diminishing effects.

Take some solution and apply it on the Face after 
use MTS device or Derma roller or laser to increase the rate of solution absorption into the skin. 

hyaluronic acid ampoules

These products can be sold as branded products, and Private label service are also available.

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