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Awesome hair Hair Treatmen

Hair Treatment (25cc syringe) x 5pcs

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Awesome hair 
Hair Treatment

Hair Treatment (25cc syringe) x 5pcs

Awesome hair

Why the hair stylist recommends the hair protein treatment before and after the perm or dyeing?

Preventing damage is the basic!   Quickly recover damaged hair!

As it is a fast and effective enough, SILK THERAPY enables you do shampoo and hair-dry just after 5 minutes of applying. Instead of cutting the cracked, broken, 
powerless hair, it will return you the healthy hair. 


Awesome hair Information

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Awesome hair fuse the first and the second treatment into one without breaking 
molecular structure, adsorb low molecular weight protein, high molecular weight collagen and keratin, and quickly penetrate into the hair. 

keratin hair treatment

Micro-particles of protein sticks to the hair like a magnet from healthy hair roots to the end, 
and fills the damaged cuticles. 

Awesome hair Feature

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Low molecular weight proteins

Hydrased keratin, keratin powder, protein, & etc. 
Low molecular weight protein rapidly penetrates into the 
hair and cares the hair healthy and strong. 

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Amino acid complex

It includes complex of amino acid such as ~ amino acid 
and demonstrate higher effect of protein synthesis when 
heat is applied.

자산 154.jpg


Ceramide Protein provides shining effect to the hair and protect individual hair with delicate coating effect. 

자산 153.jpg

Slightly acidic and Mild clinic 

Slightly acidic product of Ph. 5.5 and minimize irritation to the scalp or hair.


자산 158.jpg

-  Severely damaged hair by frequent dyeing. 
-  Powerless and thin hair drooping like a rubber band.
-  Burn hair difficult to comb. 
-  Dry puffy hair without gloss and lack of nutrition. 
-  Cracked and broken straw hair.

HOW TO USE for personal use / hair salon use 

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①  Rinse thoroughly with warm water after shampoo. 
②  After removing some moisture from the hair, apply moderate amount to the hair. 
③  Rinse after 5-15 minutes depending on condition of hair.

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*TIP - Using hot or steam towel on the Hair Cap for 2-5 minutes after applying KERATIN CARE SYSTEM, Effect is better

Plastic Hair Cap

Hot or Steam towel

자산 161.jpg


①  Apply evenly to the hair, wear the hair cap and heat for 2 minutes. 
②  After about 10-15 minutes, lightly rinse with warm water.

*TIP - The more severe the degree of damage is, the longer time you need to extend for the application of the product. Then the greater effect can be expected. 


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ODM Package idea

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Hair treatment can be packaged in a variety of ways.

1. Syringe type
2. Tube type
3. Pouch Type
4. Buyer’s request

자산 170.jpg
자산 169.jpg

1. Syringe type

The syringe type is the most used packaging method.

- 25ml x 1 pc syringe + Box
- 25ml x 10 pcs (Inner box)

Advantages:  Easy to use & Less MOQ
Disadvantages: High unit cost.

1. Syringe type - 25ml x 1 pcs (Inner box)
자산 165.png

2. Syringe type - 25ml x 10 pcs (Inner box)

The syringe type is the most used packaging method.

자산 167.png

3. Pouch type - 20ml x 6 pcs (Inner box)

자산 150.png

4. Tube type - 150ml / 200ml x 1 pc (Inner box)

자산 151.png

These products can be sold as branded products, and Private label service are also available.

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