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Skin Peeling Pen

Peeling pen 2g x 10

korean skin exfoliate



Skin exfoliation swab

Peeling pen 2g x 10


The Facial Peeling Pen is a disposable swab dampened with a liquefied peeling agent.

This is a new concept peeling product that helps to remove the old dead skin of the face easily and smoothly by just wiping your face with Self Peeling Swab like applying peeling agent.


korean skin exfoliate

The Facial Peeling  Pen is a disposable swab dampened with a liquefied peeling agent. 

This is a new concept peeling product that helps to remove the old dead skin of the face easily and smoothly by just wiping your face with Self Peeling Swab like applying peeling agent.

[ You can confirm the perfect self peeling effect with your naked eye. ]

korean skin exfoliate

In addition, by adding ingredients related to soothing + moisturizing + Whitening + wrinkle improvement, 
it relieves skin irritation after peeling and helps to cultivate an elastic and clean skin by facilitating the movement of the effective substances to the skin beneath the horny layer removed by peeling.
As a small size, it can care for even the hidden dead skin at every corner of the face and, as 
a disposable product, you can use new product whenever you use it.


korean skin exfoliate

① Contains AHA ingredient (Natural-derived ingredients were used: Lactic Acid / Glycolic Acid)

     Dead skin exfoliation (Gently remove dead skin that stick together tightly), Moisturization.

② Contains phycosaccharide alginic acid
      Patented ingredients, an ingredient made of ‘Hydrolyzed Algin’ as a main ingredient, as a concentrate       
      liquid made by the polymerization reaction with an enzyme obtained from brown algae ingredients, 
      mitigate skin irritation and stress and also strengthen skin barrier by penetrating rapidly deep into the skin.

③ Dual functional ingredients for whitening and wrinkle improvement were added 
      Contains Niacinamide. (whitening) + Adenosine (Wrinkle improvement)

④ Sea grape extracts 
      Skin protection, skin cleansing, waste removal, skin texture improvement, dead skin exfoliation,
      moisture / nutrient supply, providing skin elasticity.

⑤ Contains deep sea water + 7 kinds skin soothing ingredients (lonicer aflower, extract of rosa rugosa,       
      western rose flower extract, portulaca oleracea extract,  sophora extract, chamomile extract, allantoin)
      Gives soothing and moisturizing effect to weary and dried skin.

⑥ Contains skin moisturizing ingredients (Hyaluronic acid, Hydrolyzed Algin etc.)
      Strengthen the skin barrier.


자산 184.jpg

All In One  (Peeling + Soothing + Moisturizing + Whitening + Wrinkle improvement) 

By adding ingredients that is good not only for peeling but also for soothing, moisturizing, whitening, wrinkle improvement, both dead skin exfoliation and skin care is possible at the same time.

자산 183.jpg

Size is grown to double 

Because the size became larger and wider by 
2 times compared to existing product, peeling 
is possible simply with several times of touch.

자산 182.jpg

No worry for product contamination

With the perfect seal processing, there is no risk of drying of the swab, and internal bacterial breeding.


Handy portability 

Since it is packed individually with small quantity(2ml), easy to carry and usable anywhere.

자산 189.jpg

Convenience of use

Not cumbersome as no need to wash separately and easily available even at the travel destination.


자산 180.jpg

Disadvantages of the existing peeling product

In general, exfoliation method of physical form such as scrubs, gauze etc. has been used. 

Cumbersome in use
Strong irritation 
Skin barrier damage
Not usable for sensitive/ red skin 
Additional facial cleansing is required after use 

자산 179.jpg

Advantages of the Self Peeling Pen

By adding AHA ingredients to disposable swab, can remove dead skin smoothly. 

Ease of use
Mild irritation
Moisturization and strengthen the skin barrier
Usable for sensitive skin
No need of additional facial cleansing after use


자산 178.jpg

The old dead skin makes your skin rough and brings dryness. Also, it makes your make-up loosened and 
your complexion darkened, and leads to a skin troubles by blocking the pores. 

The most important thing
to do during facial cleansing and make-up is removing old dead skin. Now exfoliate easily and conveniently.


자산 177.jpg

Test Participant Information
-  Gender: Female 
-  Number of people: 20 peoples
-  Average age: 38 years old (23~59 years old)

자산 176.jpg
자산 175.jpg

10 different kinds clinical test results

①  Skin patch testing (no irritation judgment)
②  Blackhead improvement (showed more than 11% improvement)
③  White sebum improvement (showed more than 40% improvement)
④  Sebum control improvement (showed more than 80% improvement)
⑤  Complexion improvement (showed more than 1.3% improvement)
⑥  Skin waste reduction (showed more than 80% improvement)
⑦  Old dead skin improvement (showed more than 15-30% improvement)
⑧  Brilliance effects (cheeks, forehead, nose, and chin) (15-30% higher)
⑨  Skin texture improvement (showed more than 5% improvement)
⑩  Pore area improvement (showed more than 10% improvement)

Carboxy Co2 Gel Mask for Face


자산 190.jpg

①  Depending on skin condition, use twice a week in the evening after washing face at the basic first step.

      (When using in the morning time, be sure to apply Sun Cream after exfoliation)

②  Push the product handle with your thumb to open while holding the product with one hand.                                                   (As a form of cotton swab dampened with liquefied ingredients, a unique odor may arise)

③  While avoiding eyes, mouth and wounded region, wipe gently outward from inner face along the skin texture.

      (Please do not scrub same area repeatedly)

④  After leaving as is for about 10 minutes, when the contents are fully absorbed, finish with a basic skin care without

      the need of washing.


자산 173.jpg

ODM(PL) of Peeling Pen

자산 172.jpg

Product can be packed in a variety of ways by ODM and packaging methods are 
subject to change at the request of the buyer’s design.

Packing method:   Special plastic tube design
Packing type: Individual packaging (1pc / box) / 2-4 pcs per box / 
                         10 pcs in box (most common) or buyer’s special package design

1. Peeling pen 1 pc / box - 2.0ml x 1 pc (Paper box)

자산 144.jpg

2. Peeling pen 2 pcs / box - 2.0ml x 2 pcs (Paper box)

자산 143.jpg

3. Peeling pen 4 / 6 / 8 pcs / box - 2.0ml x 4 / 6 / 8 pcs (Paper box)

자산 142.jpg

4. Peeling pen 10 pcs / box - 2.0ml x 10 pcs (Plastic tray + Paper box)

자산 141.jpg

5. Peeling pen 10 pcs / box - 2.0ml x 10 pcs (Plastic try + Zipper Pouch)

자산 162.png

These products can be sold as branded products, and Private label service are also available.

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