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Carboxy Therapy Mask New Design and Product Introduction

Carboxy Therapy has been steadily selling since it was produced in 2007 for skin care shops, spas, and personal use. Not only in Korea, but also Japan, China, USA, Malaysia, Singapore, Russia, Turkey, Netherlands, UK, Mexico, Australia, etc. are exported to over 30 countries.

Existing DJ Carborn Therapy
Existing DJ Carborn Therapy

Although many new products are produced every day, Carboxy (co2) gel mask pack is consistently loved in the market because its effectiveness can be confirmed even after one time use.

There are 5 newly revised designed carboxy therapy packages including Original / Charcoal / Chlorella / Premium gold / Original Bulk type.

Carboxy Therapy _ New design
Carboxy Therapy _ New design
Carboxy Therapy _ Original
Carboxy Therapy _ Original

Small orders can be purchased with existing DJ Carborn therapy, and new products can be processed through ODM.

DJ Carborn Therapy
DJ Carborn Therapy


Co2 has been used for the treatment of skin wounds, but since it has been found to be effective in reducing subcutaneous fat, it has begun to be used for skin care.

Co2 carboxy also has a good effect on facial care by tightening and whitening the skin and also been shown to be effective in stinging, acne, cellulite and atopic dermatitis.

Effects of carboxy mask

Face Slimming Effects

Moisturizing Effects & Brightening (whitening)

Vasovagal reaction

Anti-inflammation effects

Improving Blood Flow

Bohr Effects

Deep Moisturizing & Anti-Ageing Effects

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