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CHUIHAIR is young and trendy Alopecia care brand.

It contains beer enzymes and natural derived ingredients that good for Alopecia.

It will relieve stress for you.


- Treats hair loss / low pH / Contains brewer's yeast and fermented ingredients Excellent scalp cleansing

- Strengthens roots and alleviates scalp irritation Smoothes Hair

-Beer scalp natural complex™ is composed of brewer's yeast and premium fermented ingredients which balances the skin on the scalp to boost healthy hair growth

-Cleanses without causing scalp irritation due to its naturally derived surfactant properties

-Has the same consistency as beer foam

This CHUIHAIR_hair loss product can be sold in small quantities or produced with private labels.

For more information, please contact us

Thank you !!

Whatsapp: 8210.28619747 / Wechat: roytwoa

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